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SEO is a must for any business that is looking to succeed in 2017.

There is no doubt that more people have access to a phone, tablet, or computer compared to the year 2013. What this has done is changed how people look for the things they need. 

Your customers no longer use the phone book or newspaper as a way to find a local business for what they need. They turn to a Google search. Below is the historical search volume for niches within Renton, WA since 2013. You can see there has been constant growth.

Search Volume Trend For:
“Renton Plumbing”

Search Volume Trend For:
“Renton Restaurants”

Search Volume Trend For:
“Renton Dentist”

You can see that a number of people Google searching is increasing every year. With the power of a Renton SEO Expert such as Travis Ingram, you can captivate those customers with a page one ranking. SEO is no longer a secret in 2017. If you aren’t ranking page one in Renton, WA then you are losing out on thousands in sales each month.


It might be necessary for you to understand how SEO works…

There are two simple concepts to understand so you know SEO talk when hearing it. 

1. Optimized Website Content
Writing your content in a way that everyone including the Google Web Crawler can understand it is key.  In order for Google to know where you want to appear in the search engines, you need to include the keywords throughout your web page. You must ensure your website meta title, description, and URL all have keyword relevance.

..having natural copy that doesn’t sound artificial or stilted, that is the sort of thing I would focus on… – Matt Cutts on Youtube

2. Being Recognized by Authority Websites
You would agree that if authority websites like Forbes, New York Times, and CNN link back to your website you would rank better in Google? If you said “Yes” then you would be correct. Google is also interested in seeing that people share your content on their social media. This is also known as “Social Signals”. This is one of 200+ factors Google uses to determine website rankings.

If you want to be one of the businesses that bring in more revenue in 2017 and onward then you need to start using a local Renton SEO company such as SEO Travis.